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Default Air Force Logo Team March honors fallen Airman
Airman Lionel Hendrick wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps. His father, Clarence, retired from the 452nd Air Mobility Wing as an Air Force master sergeant after 25 years of service. Hendrick planned on doing the same, said Senior Master Sergeant Lali Gomez, first sergeant from the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at March ARB,
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Esme Lutz, 15 and his brother Aric Lutz, 13, listen as teams discuss issues they had during a team-building exercise at a Yellow Ribbon Program event in Carlsbad, Calif., Feb. 22, 2014, where teams had to devise a way, using duct tape, to write without having the marker in their hands. The purpose of the exercise was to help the teens learn teamwork and communication when faced with difficult situations, like deployments. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Linda Welz) Yellow Ribbon resources help family through deployment, tragedy
Michelle Lutz's world stopped revolving the day her husband and best friend, Chief Master Sgt. Rich Lutz, left for a deployment."I didn't want him gone for six months. It's very difficult being a single parent," said Michelle.The two met nearly 15 years ago when she saw Rich playing pool at a Vashon Island, Wash., club where she worked as a
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This is the style of uniform some report ghost wears. Portrait of John J. Pershing by french painter Léon Hornecker (1864-1924), oil on canvas 1903 This work is in the public domain in those countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 80 years or less. Are Airmen's ghosts still around?
(Final in a four-part series on things that go bump in the night)Chaplain Dave Sarmiento, 163rd Reconnaissance Wing duty chaplain, March Air Reserve Base, California, has heard many stories of ghosts roaming the halls in buildings at March Field.One such story came from a former wing commander of his who told him of an incident that occurred in the
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A camera captures what appears to be a shadowy figure (left side) sitting in one of several chairs lined up against a wall in a building on March Air Reserve Base Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014. The image was captured during a nighttime paranormal investigation at the 96-year-old base. (Courtesy photo/Joe Mora) Shadowy figure blocks exit to room in March Field building
(Third in a four-part series of things that go bump in the night)Ghost stories have been told for ages. With Halloween quickly approaching, there seems to be even more being shared during this time of year. March Air Reserve Base, California, is not immune to such stories. In fact, there may be more told here than many other military bases.Why?
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Hanging behind a darkened, basement stairwell, next to what once was a morgue, in an old building at March Air Reserve Base, California, these “shackles” were included in many ghost stories. After an investigation by a Citizen Airman ghost-hunter, it was determined that they were simply support for pipes that ran through the walls near the ceiling. (Courtesy photo/Joe Mora) Rumors of torture devices in March basement
(First in a four-part series of things that go bump in the night)There have been a couple of reports that a basement on March Air Reserve Base houses "shackles" hanging from the ceiling behind a stairwell. Are the rumors valid? If so, why are they there and what were they used for?I was curious, so when my friend, Senior Airman Joe Mora, 452nd
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Master Sgt. Angela Caruso-Yahne, 34th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, (left) and her spouse, Mandy, pose for a photo at a friend's wedding. The two legally married July 2013, one month after the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and 14 years after their unofficial wedding. Approaching their sixth deployment together, the couple attended their first Yellow Ribbon event this year. (Courtesy photo)
'Keep your boots shined' means I love you
The veterans Master Sgt. Angela Caruso-Yahne, 34th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, has completed five deployments, but number six is the first time she has attended a Yellow Ribbon event."From my perspective, I've had encouragement from my commander for previous deployments, to attend a Yellow Ribbon event, but
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Senior Airman Coral Williams, 163rd Comptroller Flight, begins a run on the
March Air Reserve Base track, April 7. Running is one of the many cardiovascular
exercises Williams participates in to stay in shape. She has made exercise a habit
in her life, constantly seeking new challenges, goals and motivation.  (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech Sgt. Neil Ballecer) Creating a lifestyle of health and fitness
Basic training and technical school keep Airman on the go, constantly moving and being active, with allocated times for physical fitness and meals. Food choices are also minimized by providing access to dining facilities. This helps Airman stay healthy and in top physical condition. However, habits tend to change when one leaves this regimented way
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Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Collins, a reservist with the 4th Combat Camera Squadron, March Air Reserve Base, Calif., entertains the audience as Pitbull, during the kick-off show of the 2013 Tops in Blue All Star tour at Joint Base San Antonio, Dec. 7, 2013. Collins, one of several former TIB members recalled for the 60th anniversary All-Stars performances, toured with them in 2009 and since then has continued as the group’s rehearsal and vocal coordinator. (Courtesy photo/Rachael Smith) March Reservists helps Tops in Blue celebrate 60 years
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Collins, 4th Combat Camera Squadron, March Air Reserve Base, Calif., is celebrating Christmas this year, away from his family, with the Tops in Blue All Stars, touring overseas bases.As the Air Force's premier entertainment showcase, and one of the oldest and most widely traveled group of its kind, Tops in Blue formed their first
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Senior Airman David Adolfo (right) and Senior Airman Corey Quirke, 452nd Civil Engineer Squadron members, spar at the March Air Reserve Base gym to keep fit and agile. Adolfo, who has been participating in Mixed Martial Arts since he was a young boy, learns and teaches various martial arts disciplines while incorporating the warrior ethos into all areas of his life in and out of the ring. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Carrie M. Peasinger) Mixed Martial Arts toughens mind, body, spirit
Taking punches to the head and body, and grappling with an opponent, doesn't sound like a conventional way of becoming a strong-willed, focused and self-disciplined person. But for Senior Airman David Adolfo, 452d Civil Engineer Squadron, it is a regular routine because he practices and competes in Mixed Martial Arts."MMA is more than fighting. It
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Col. Russell Muncy answers e-mails from his new office in the Hap Arnold House at March Air Reserve Base, Calif., Nov. 15, 2013. Muncy was gained as the commander of the 452nd Air Mobility Wing on Nov. 3 and will assume command at a ceremony Nov. 23. (U.S. Air Force photo/Linda Welz) Muncy to assume command of 452 Air Mobility Wing
Col. Russell Muncy will assume command of the 452nd Air Mobility Wing at a 10 a.m. ceremony Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013, in the Cultural Resource Center on March Air Reserve Base, Calif.Muncy grew up in the small town of Hazard, Ky. and said it was a great and very safe place to grow up, but way back in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, and definitely a
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