Team March Members represent on AFRC Shooting Team

  • Published
  • By Ms. Ashley Van Dien
  • 452 AMW

Members of Team March were selected to be part of the AFRC shooting team recently in preparation for an upcoming competition in the Netherlands on December 14-15.

“I am proud to represent March in this competition,” said Tech. Sgt. Gregory Myers, 452nd Security Forces. “Each team member was evaluated on what they had accomplished beyond standard qualifications. The fact that I was selected shows that we are doing a good job here at March ARB.”

Each member of the team was selected following an application and review process with the Air Force Reserve Command. At a minimum, the applicants had to qualify as expert marksmen in both pistol and rifle shooting to be considered.

The teammates first met when they arrived at March ARB for training Dec. 3, 2018. Each member conducted a variety of training exercises at the small arms indoor range. The marksmen fired M-16 rifles, M-4 carbines, and M-9 handguns at targets ranging in size and distance. The Airmen helped each other improve accuracy by viewing the targets through a scope and offering feedback.

“I’m excited to be a part of this shooting competition,” said Myers. “They selected a good group of people. We’ve been doing a lot of practice all week so we’re ready to go.”

The team will represent Air Force Reserve Command at an international shooting competition in the Netherlands Dec. 14-15, 2018.