Summer time for reflection

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Kenny Walden
  • 452 AMW Chapel
Hello Team March.

We hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day for the month of May and we also wish everyone a Happy Father's Day for the month of June.

We recognize family is important, so remember to be thankful and supportive of your civilian family and your military family.

Can you believe that summer is quickly approaching? We are fully aware the summer season does not automatically equate to mind blowing summer vacations or time away from work, especially for many people who put on a military uniform.

A lot of change is taking place in our world, on our base and in our personal lives. While change is constant and can be good, sometimes it can also cause stress. I recommend you consider the following in the midst of change to help you cope during this period:

1. Read a book that reflects your faith tradition, such the Holy Bible, The Torah, The Quran, etc.

2. Fellowship with a faith community.

3. Seek a trusted friend to share your concerns with and see support.

4. Exercise. Consider joining a community sports league or simply walk, jog, or go for a swim.

Remember, you are always welcome to attend our worship service on Sundays at 12-noon during our UTA weekends. Your Chapel Team appreciates your service and continues to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. All the best to you!

Grace and Peace.