The importance of preparation

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Kenny Walden
  • 452 AMW Chaplain Office
Many people across our country are busy preparing for various activities. Some people are preparing to enter a new academic year in high school or college, while others are
preparing for new additions to their families or even for military deployments.
Each of these events is significant, and by adequately preparing for these life events our transitions will hopefully be much smoother.

The September 2011 combined UTA is a significant weekend at March Air Reserve Base and a lot of preparation is currently taking place to get ready for the events planned. For example, I am involved with the Chapel Team in planning the "9/11 Memorial Service" on Sunday, Sept. 11 here on base. We are preparing a very special service to honor the 10th anniversary of our brothers and sisters whose lives changed and those who are lost to us forever.

Be sure to prepare for whatever you feel is important. Preparation is a key aspect to many successful ventures. As military personnel, we are familiar with preparation for armed service purposes. I recommend we engage in preparation in almost every aspect of our lives.

Question: What situations are important to you that you need to begin preparing for?