Have you done your spiritual sit ups today?

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Maj) Craig Benson
  • 452 AMW Chapel
We all know keeping our body, mind and spirit healthy is important, and especially when facing difficult times and new challenges. The body, mind and spirit are all connected to each other and each part affects the others. For example, our thoughts and beliefs have a great impact on how we treat our body. Would you agree with me that total wellness is critical and should be our overall goal?

I challenge you to create a fitness plan that strengthens your mind and spirit well as your body. Make time to train your mind and soul. Feed the mind good thoughts, expand your intellectual horizons and do some spiritual sit-ups!

How to strengthen your spirit

Begin with learning about the world and your place in it. Grow in your spirituality and faith traditions. Know your beliefs and stay centered on those beliefs.

Spend time each day doing your spiritual sit-ups: meditation, prayer, reading Scripture, singing, going for a quiet walks, listening to the birds or whatever you need to do. The best part of spiritual fitness is you can do your spiritual sit-ups throughout the day!