Sally's Alley introduces new social hour menu

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Oz Suguitan
  • 452nd Public Affairs

Sally's Alley in the Hap Arnold Club at March Air Reserve Base, California recently changed their after-hours social menu, in order to bring the food and fun indoors during the cooler months.


"During the summer months, we are outside because it's warm.” Dan LeSuer, Manager of the Hap Arnold Club said, “Now that the weather is changing, we move everything inside. This year we wanted to kick it up a notch and go with favorites."


The changed menu is served at Sally's Alley from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesdays, and includes pizza, chicken wings, and pickled eggs. The pizza topping choices include cheese, pepperoni, and sausage and are served by the slice. The chicken wings will include a choice of three dipping sauces: Teriyaki, Barbeque, and Buffalo Hot.


"The wings are baked then fried to give them that crunchiness outside and the tenderness and flavor inside," Hap Arnold cook, Almira Punla, said.


According to LeSuer, the last addition to the menu was pickled eggs, which is new to Sally's Alley this season. The white, southern style pickled eggs are soaked in brine for three weeks and are served single or as a pair.


In the summer months, the club hosts the Wednesday Social Hours with a steak and shrimp plate. The seasonal change of menu does not change the goal of the program, which is intended to provide someplace for those at March to hang-out and socialize on Wednesday evenings after work. It is also intended to give people that are staying at March Inn, like visitors on vacation or those on temporary duty during the week, someplace to go and eat since there are reduced services on the base after working hours.


"We've had an increase of patronage. We're hoping to increase these kinds of services to the population of the base. I would be happy to open other days. We are here to support the people working at March, and if they support us, we can better support them." said LeSuer.


Sally's Alley is located on March ARB at 870 Adams Ave, building 110. For more information about the seasonal menu, the Hap Arnold Club or Sally's Alley, contact the club at ( 951)655-4920 or visit the Hap Arnold Club Facebook page.