So you just got tasked to deploy and are wondering about your medical requirements?

  • Published
  • By Maj. Peter Frandsen
  • 452 AMW/AMDS

Here is a checklist guide to ensure you have everything medically ready!

  1. Make sure your UDM has tasked you in DMC to start the medical process

  2. Complete your DRHA (Deployment Readiness Health Assessment) within 120 of deployment

  3. Medical will do their review of your medical records and see if you are mobility ready

    1. Medical may contact you for medical documentation if any mobility concerns arise

  4. Depending on your location, you will have different requirements to meet

  5. Schedule with 452 AMDS Medical through your Unit Deployment Manager (UDM) to come in on Saturday during your UTA to get requirements complete, i.e. immunizations, PHA, DRHA, Dental, lab, and ANAM

    1. Non-flyers: PHA must be current once member has arrived to deployment location

    2. Flyers: PHA must be current throughout whole deployment

    3. Dental: must be current throughout whole deployment

  6. Please make medical aware if you have any allergies or sensitivities

Post Deployment

You have arrived home, what’s next?

  1. Please get with your UDM to schedule a time to come into the clinic to in-process within 48 hours

  2. Bring your checklist, medical records, and if any deployment medication was given to you and not used i.e. BW/CW kit (Biological/Chemical) and or Anti-Malaria Medication

  3. Reservists will get a DD2697 to fill out to de-mobilize them and see a doctor

    1. The clinic will address any Health issues that came up while deployed, Residual conditions, and if a line of duty is necessary

  4. Blood will be drawn for a post HIV test

  5. Medical UDM will go over any requirements that are due/overdue with you to accomplish

Please remember that your next DRHA is due within 90 days of returning!



If you have any questions on the process, please don’t hesitate to call TSgt Fiermonte

of the 452 AMDS, at 655-2773 or by email,