New air traffic control tower and base operations under construction

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  • 452 AMW
Drivers and pedestrians traveling near the Air Traffic Control Tower, Building 1220, should proceed with caution. Construction site fencing and the narrowing of Graeber Street have resulted in several concerns.

The following safety mitigation steps are being implemented:

1. Speed limit reduced from 25 mph to 15 mph through the construction zone. Reduced speed limit signs have been posted 100 yards before the construction zone in both directions.

2. Pedestrian crossing signs have been erected on Graeber Street, throughout the construction zone.

3. Vehicles entering Graeber Street from the airfield or Building 1220, should use caution when pulling into traffic. The left and right turn views on Graeber Street are obscured; however, a fish-eye mirror has been installed to provide a view of oncoming traffic.

Vehicles traveling down Graeber Street should reduce speed and drive defensively through the construction zone for vehicles exiting the construction site.

4. There are no sidewalks available for pedestrians in the construction zone.

For more information, contact Airfield Operations.