452 Aerial Port Support Flight Answers the Call of Duty

  • Published
  • By SMSgt. James Childs
  • 452 AMW Public Affairs



March ARB, Calif. - - On Jan. 8, 2019 members from the 452nd Aerial Port Support Flight (APSF) processed and shipped a unique piece of cargo all while maintaining the APSF's numerous movement requirements at March.


The 452 Aerial Port Support Flight (APSF) has been called upon several times recently by HQ Air Mobility Command 618 TACC to support Contingency and Special Assignment Airlift Mission taskings, at multiple Southern California Naval Air Stations. 

Presently 2 March ASPF troops volunteer to go down to Naval Air Station North Island to support movement requirements of Special Boat Team 12. The APSF Joint Inspected and loaded over 100 short tons of mission essential equipment in a short movement window. 


Troop and cargo movement comes through March at a staggering rate, which is only eclipsed by the fact that this work is processed by a skeleton crew consisting of only a dozen individuals.