Trust Invokes Leadership

  • Published
  • By SrA Kekoa Santiago
  • 452 AMW Security Forces

2018 Air Force Outstanding Security Forces SNCO Individual Award goes to…drumroll please… MSgt Oscar Munoz! Awarded on December 20th, 2018.

Full Time Combat Arms Instructor, MSgt Munoz of the 452nd Security Forces Squadron, leads all SNCOs AFRC wide in this year’s award competition. With a year full of real world exercises here at March ARB, MSgt Munoz and the 452nd SFS have helped the entire wing become Combat Arms compliant within 16 days, averaging over 100 Airmen per day.

“Everyone must do their job…place trust in your leadership even with an overwhelming workload,” said Munoz. His efforts to willingly stay beyond normal working duty hours is one example that made Munoz an ideal candidate.

This award holds one SNCO slot and only four slots total. Categories include Excellence, Company Grade Officer, SNCO, and Junior Enlisted. When asked how he felt upon receiving this award, “Honored, but I had no idea I was nominated… I don’t chase the accolades,” a seemingly humble answer for such a prestigious award.  

The mindset of Munoz in his 25 year career, is to go above the status quo and to help others along the way to get there. Munoz wants Airmen in all AFSC’s to “…not be afraid of doing the work, even when you aren’t the expert.” His resounding mantra is to be ready, than rushing to get ready. *His tireless efforts has given Major Jessica Wruck, Commander of the 452nd Security Forces Squadron, enough ammunition to make MSgt Munoz an easy nominee for this award.

"As a Squadron Commander, I couldn’t ask for a better SNCO to lead March’s Combat Arms section," said Wruck. "MSgt Munoz has the right attitude to guide such a critical training section as we prepare not only our Defenders, but the base populace and surrounding agencies to succeed in the profession of arms.  This recognition is a culmination of all of his efforts to ensure the force is ready for the fight."

An AGR during the week and reservist on both UTAs, while dedicating time to his family as a loving husband and father of three; hard work is no stranger to Munoz. He challenges Airmen to truly trust leadership to take care of them. Believing so has lead him to be a great SNCO, husband, and father.