Reserve Citizen Airmen Make a Splash in Hollywood

  • Published
  • By Linda Welz
  • 452 AMW Public Affairs

Los Angeles, California – Thousands of cosplayers flooded the Los Angeles Convention Center for the annual L.A. Comic-Con (LACC). Joining them were Reserve Citizen Airman Maj. Perry Covington, 452nd Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs chief, and Master Sgt. Erik Figi, 452 AMW Historian, who co-wrote a screenplay for a serialized sci-fi/fantasy television show steeped in the Steampunk genre called, Evermor.


Their show caught the interest of Legion M, the world’s first, fan-owned, entertainment company.


“This is a perfect project for Legion M,” said the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Paul Scanlan. “Legion M was built for projects like these. Evermor is a completely original concept that will take viewers on an adventure of a lifetime, and it’s co-written by our very own Legion M family – Perry and Erik.”


Having joined Legion M almost a year before their project was picked up, Covington said he and Figi believed in what they were doing early on.


“I couldn’t have predicted any of this. It’s been a wild ride. Evermor is a different kind of show. It’s special and Legion M is the perfect home for it,” Figi said.


Co-created by Covington, Figi, and Tya Kottler, proprietor of the Dr. Evermor Sculpture Park in Madison, Wisconsin, Evermor follows teenage twins, Ellie and Sam, who are sent to live at the estate of their eccentric aunt, Dr. Catherine Evermor. There they discover a wondrous machine called the Forevertron, which allows them to journey through the multiverse, finding danger, love, family, the limitless potential of the human adventure, and their ultimate destinies.


It was only a year ago at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) that Covington, Figi, and Kottler had the chance opportunity to meet Terri Lubaroff, Legion M’s chief operations officer, and pitch their show to her.


“We just finished putting the final touches on the pilot script of Evermor after developing it for two years, when we went to SDCC,” said Covington. “We didn’t really have any expectations for the show at that point; it was so new. We only had a minute to pitch to Terri (Lubaroff) but that 60 seconds changed our lives.”


Now a year later, the writing duo recently attended SDCC again, but this time as Legion M panelists to discuss their upcoming television series.


“It’s definitely surreal,” Figi continued. “We’re still in the military, still serving our country. But we feel like the nerds who get asked to the dance by the prettiest girls in school—it’s potentially life changing, inspirational, and one-hell-of-a ride. We’re still trying to wrap our minds around it.”


At LACC, the wild ride continued as Legion M made a major announcement for Evermor. In front of a panel of Legion M faithful, Lubaroff, and the executive group, introduced Andrew Cosby as the newly minted show-runner of Evermor.


“Because he is so steeped in the Steampunk, sci-fi, and fantasy worlds, Andrew Cosby is the perfect show-runner for our first series, and we cannot wait to begin building out the Evermor universe with him,” Lubaroff stated.


Cosby, founder of Boom! Studios, co-creator of the hit television series Eureka, and writer of the upcoming Hellboy reboot, vehemently expressed his love for Evermor’s concept, characters, and story.


“When Legion M first approached me with Evermor, I jumped at the chance to get involved,” said Cosby. “Being that the series was created by Legion M members added to my intrigue about the project.  I cannot wait to get to work with Perry, Erik and the rest of the Evermor team to share this incredibly rich story with the world.”


Among the dozens of specialized panels at LACC where fans can get an in-depth look at their favorite television show or movie, and the hundreds of vendors where people can purchase almost any piece of memorabilia or comic book, sat Legion M’s massive booth.


The young Legion M already has under its belt a solid grouping of movies that it has helped launched and/or produced. Colossal starring Anne Hathaway, Bad Samaritan starring David Tennant, and Mandy starring Nicholas Cage are just a few of notable projects Legion M has had a hand in bringing to the market in their infancy.


“It’s really amazing what we have been able to accomplish in such a short time,” said Lubaroff. “It’s because of the fans, the Legion itself. They represent the power of fandom, and together we’re changing the landscape of Hollywood.”


An independent company, Legion M has the ability to stay agile in a sometimes-stagnant market. When major studios or networks have to follow trends and business models to maintain the bottom-line, Legion M can take risks and pursue creative projects that they believe have the ability to appeal to a mass audience. Ultimately, Legion M answers to the fans, and it’s because of that relationship that the new company is thriving.


Fast forward to January 2019, Legion M is actively pursuing investment and distribution partners for Evermor.  To learn more about Evermor and other Legion M film and TV projects in development, visit