eFinance - A Better Way

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Kevin Mitterholzer
  • 452 AMW Public Affairs

eFinance is an application that the Air Force has implemented across all bases for Reserve Travel System (RTS) vouchers. When members go on a temporary duty status (TDY) they file their vouchers in eFinance, which can be found on the Air Force portal.

“eFinance is an application where members will download their files and submit their documents for travel payment,” said Vivian Pacheco, financial management technician, 452nd Air Mobility Wing. “The documents have already been pre-reviewed so there should not be any errors in the paperwork.”

After receiving the documents in the eFinance application, the finance office prints it up and stamps it on the business day it receives them. The documents are handled on a first come, first served basis. eFinance can be used for permanent change of station (PCS) vouchers too, but at March Air Reserve Base it will mainly be used for TDY vouchers. Defense Travel System (DTS) vouchers will still be used for TDYs as well, so be sure to pay attention to your orders to find out if you’ll be using eFinance or DTS.

“DTS is paperless, it’s all done in the system,” said Pacheco. “eFinance is printed up, so we have them in our hand like a paper voucher. It’s like the old RTS system but it’s on an application now. We started using it here around August 2018.”

In eFinance, you’ll still need to upload your orders, lodging receipt, non-availability letter (if applicable), and any other pertinent documents relating to your TDY. Your supervisor will sign off as the reviewing official.

“The average timeframe for eFinance vouchers to get processed is two to three weeks,” said Pacheco. “There shouldn’t be any errors, so eFinance vouchers shouldn’t have to get sent back to the member once it has been submitted. We want the member to get paid as soon as possible.”