Airmen Safety Goes Mobile

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Airman of March Air Reserve Base, Calif. Now have  another option in when it comes to safety with a mobile version of the Airman Safety App. Reports now can submitted through a mobile app available on both Apple and Android devices.

This new mobile option makes sending reports to the base safety office incidences easier.

"It used to be a bit of a chore to submit an ASAP report," said Lt. Col. Stephan Walmsley, 452nd Air Mobility Wing Chief of Flight Safety.  "You used to have to go to the website or visit the wing safety office and fill out a form."

The app not only puts safety within in mobile reach, it also makes the process of reporting incidences faster.

Walmsley said, "One of the main drivers was that headquarters safety wanted to make it a more streamlined process. Now it's all on IOS or android and you can download it to your phone."

The app also makes it faster and easier to report safety issues on -location.

"Say there is a pot hole two feet deep in the middle of the road, they can zip it right too us in 30 seconds," said Walmsley.

The new app will also give the safety office another tool in responding to safety issues in a timely manner.

"Once the report comes into our office, they will get an initial response the same day during normal business hours."

The Airman Safety App is now available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.