Team March members participate in AFRC recruiting video

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Kevin Mitterholzer
  • 452 AMW Public Affairs

Team March members recently used their acting skills to help a produce an Air Force Reserve Command video here on June 8.

“We’re trying to do a mission 2020 video,” said Maj. Christopher Vasquez, 726th Operations Group, who directed the video. “The vision statement is to be bold, face near peer threats, and to have leaders that are ready to be trained and available to do the job. I wanted to take our mission and vision statement and turn it into something that we can see.”

In this video, people were used from all different types of career fields. There weren’t any actors used in this short film; just Air Force members showing what they do every day.

“It took a whole day but the filming part of it was really fun and interesting,” said Tech. Sgt. Alec Carlisle, Command and Control NCO, 701st Combat Operations Squadron. “Just seeing all the things like lighting and setting scenes up that go into something like this. It was really cool to see that.”

The story involves a radar site picking up some inbound bogey aircraft in Alaska. Then North American Aerospace Defense Command’s network goes down due to a cyber-attack. It then shows how the Air Force would respond in order to get things back up and running, and get jets to respond to the possible enemy aircraft.

“I was really happy that they used actual Air Force members that actually work in these positions,” said Capt. Brenda Jacobs, Targets Chief, 701st Combat Operations Squadron. “It was a great experience seeing everyone work together to help accomplish the mission, which is also what the video is supposed to portray.”

Overall, it was a great experience seeing everyone communicate their ideas to accurately portray how a real-life scenario would unfold.

“I really want to thank March and everyone that helped make this happen,” said Vasquez. “Without their support we wouldn’t have been able to make this happen. Hopefully this video will make people proud of what they do.”