Counting our blessings, sharing the journey

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Lt Col Amy Hunt
  • 452 AMW Chaplain Corps

Do you wonder, as a society, how we will change on the other side of this pandemic? For example, as we journey through this terrible chapter in our history, will we become more aware of God’s blessings in our daily lives?

 Recently I’ve been thinking about the phrase “Enjoy what you have while you have it.” Being isolated and working from home has shown me that I regularly took for granted the freedom I had to go anywhere I wanted. That freedom is gone.

 I didn’t thank God as much as I could have for my freedom. Did I appreciate it and use it to bless God, others and myself? Definitely not! It’s time for me to change that.

 I am trying to notice and appreciate everyday blessings; to thank God more faithfully for what has been given to me. Each day counts, so each day I am counting three things I am thankful for. I am calling it “my daily three.”

 I invite you to join me in this journey. Let’s just take a couple of minutes and start thinking more intentionally about “how” blessed we truly are. Perhaps we can thank God for these blessings. Perhaps we can also include each other.

 Today I am thanking God for…

1. Technology that connects us.

2. Hebrews. What an awesome book!

3. My friend who shared her talent by making me a face mask.


What are your daily three?


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