Col. Erik Aufderheide Assumption of Command

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  • 452 Air Mobility Wing

Col. Erik Aufderheide assumed command of the 452nd Air Mobility Wing and March Air Reserve Base, Calif., at a October 22 assumption of command ceremony.

Aufderheide took over from Col. J. Corey Reed, acting commander since the departure of Col. Gregory Haynes. Reed continues to serve as the wing’s vice commander.

During his speech Aufderheide said, “Thank you for Brigadier General Durham for the support, trust and confidence, the opportunity to lead and serve the men and women of the 452nd. I don’t take this responsibility lightly and I commit to give my all to ensure the Airman are ready and that they are taken care of… March Reserve Family Thank you for allowing me to be part of your team. I realize I’m a temporary guest in your house. It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve as your commander… Your constant service and commitment to excellence was evidence by your outstanding performance during a recent nuclear certification but also evident everyday on this base from very unit ... each of you sacrifice in order to serve... this is truly more than just a job.”

Prior to assuming command of the 452D, Aufderheide served as a commander at the 940th Air Refueling Wing, Beale Air Force Base, Calif. Aufderheide entered service in 1994 and has piloted the T-41, T-37, T-38, UH-1, MH60, HH60G, T-38C, and the KC-135R. He has flown 3500+ total flying hours. 

Aufderheide closed in saying, “There’s no amount of success at work that can compensate for a failure at home can… so you have to take care of your family. Number two, civilian occupation, this relates back to number one, because in order to feed and shelter your family. Number three, we can help you take care of your family and affiliate employer. You’ll be clear and focused when you come to complete the Air Force mission. More importantly you’ll enjoy the Air Force mission and be able to recognize how incredibly cool, fascinating and critically important your life is doing these amazing things to protect and defend your nation and families. Thank you for doing what matters. I’m grateful to be part of the March family… Truly honored and privileged to be your commander. God bless you and God bless March Air Reserve Base and God bless America.”