The Sweet Reserve Life

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  • By Wendy Day
  • The Sweet Reserve Life

It is not often one’s Reserve and civilian life meet, but on Veteran’s Day, that is what happened for twin brothers, Staff Sgt. Cody and Staff Sgt. Matthew Breidinger. Both Reserve Citizen Airmen enjoy civilian careers at Disneyland while also serve as loadmasters in the United States Air Force Reserve's 729th Airlift Squadron, stationed at March Air Reserve Base, California. Their remarkable story underscores unwavering dedication, shared commitment, and a mutual passion for service, both in the AFR and within the enchanting realm of Disneyland.

Cody and Matthew began their careers at The Walt Disney Company in 2017, diligently refining their skills to enhance the guest experience. Cody's Disney tenure began at Disneyland Attractions, captivating visitors at the Jungle Cruise, while Matthew's work as a cast member also brought his own unique abilities to bring Disney magic to life for the park’s guests.

"In Disney, we learned the art of storytelling and how to create truly magical experiences for our guests. This was invaluable in shaping our leadership skills," remarked Matthew.

In 2018, propelled by their shared sense of duty, the twins elected to enlist in the United States Air Force Reserve (USAFR). Both brothers discovered their true calling as C-17 Globemaster III loadmasters within the 729th ALS. For Cody and Matthew, this opportunity allowed them to serve their nation in unison while pursuing their aspirations of serving their country at the same time as creating Disney Magic.

"We value the leadership skills we gained in both the Air Force and Disney. They are unique and complementary," said Cody. "In the Air Force, we learned discipline and precision, and at Disney, we learned creativity and the importance of delivering exceptional guest experiences."

Their extraordinary journey continued as they adeptly balanced their civilian roles at Disney with their responsibilities as loadmasters, partaking in missions worldwide. The twins' dedication and adaptability positioned them as invaluable assets, not only in the Air Force but also within the enchanting universe of Disney.

On November 11, 2023, Disneyland celebrated Cody and Matthew Breidinger in a truly magical manner. The theme park paid homage to their service with a Veterans Day observance, accompanied by a C-17 Globemaster III fly over as the U.S. national anthem played. The event acknowledged their contributions as dedicated loadmasters and Disney cast members who delighted countless visitors.

"It's surreal to witness the convergence of our worlds in this manner," Cody noted, observing the flyover above Disneyland. "We are living out our dreams, both in the Air Force Reserve and at Disney, and this acknowledgment exceeds all expectations."

Matthew added, "For us, it's not merely a job; it's about making a meaningful impact, whether by ensuring the success of a C-17 mission or crafting unforgettable moments for Disney's guests."

The story of the Breidinger twins stands as an inspiring example of how individuals can successfully navigate and excel in both civilian and military careers. It showcases their ability to combine their passion for serving their country with their dedication to creating enchanting experiences for guests at Disneyland, demonstrating that with determination and commitment, one can indeed thrive in the best of both worlds.