Jamil Dada Appointed as Civic Leader for Air Force Reserve Command

  • Published
  • By Wendy Day
  • 452 AMW

RIVERSIDE, Calif.— On April 18, Jamil Dada was named a civic leader for the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), a role that marks another milestone in his long history of service to March Air Reserve Base (ARB).

Dada, who has devoted over 37 years to supporting March ARB, is the first person from the Inland Empire to receive this distinction. His dedication has earned him the nickname "Mr. March," reflecting his deep commitment as the chair of Riverside committee of military affairs, as well as the base’s honorary commander alongside his service with his 17th Wing Commander Col Bryan Bailey. Dada also serves as the President of the March Air Field Museum, and he is actively involved as a civic leader for both the Air Mobility Command and now the Air Force Reserve Command.

Lt. Gen. John Healy, AFRC commander, praised Dada’s extensive contributions. "Jamil’s service and dedication to both our military and his community exemplify the kind of leadership and commitment we value. We are pleased to welcome him to this important role," Healy said.

In his role as a civic leader, Dada is part of a national team of 20 members who work closely with AFRC leadership to advocate for the Reserve forces and engage with the community. These leaders are crucial in maintaining the operational readiness of the Air Force Reserve by ensuring continuous support and understanding between the military and civilian communities.

Dada's advocacy efforts at March ARB include frequent trips to Washington, D.C., where he meets with key members of Congress, commanders at the Pentagon, and administration officials. Despite his significant influence, Dada is quick to clarify his role. "I’m not a lobbyist; I am a volunteer," Dada stated. "Serving on these advisory groups allows me more opportunities to advocate directly with Air Force leaders to not only enhance national security and defense but also improve services and living conditions for our Airmen and their families. This service deserves my commitment."

March ARB, one of the oldest and largest Reserve bases in the U.S., plays a vital role in national security with its strategic West Coast location and significant economic impact on the region, estimated at about $1 billion. The base is poised to expand its operational capabilities with the potential arrival of 12 new KC-46 tanker aircraft, representing a $2.5 billion investment.

The civic leader group is instrumental in helping to shape policies and practices that affect the AFRC and its integration with civilian sectors. Dada’s new role will allow him to leverage his vast experience and connections to further the interests of March ARB and its personnel.

For more information, contact the Public Affairs Office at March Air Reserve Base:

452 AMW/PA
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