Jog safely

  • Published
  • By Jeremy Maddox
  • 452d AMW Safety
Music may provide you with an energy boost and good vibes for your outdoor workout activities such as bicycling, jogging, or skating. On the contrary, music may also create a hazardous, more dangerous outdoor workout environment as it could impair your ability to hear and recognize things such as announcements, alarms, and approaching vehicles.

Air Force Instruction 91-207, Para .3.5.6 states that, "Wearing portable headphones, earphones, cellular phones, iPods, or other listening and entertainment devices (other than hearing aids) while walking, jogging, running, bicycling, skating or skateboarding on roadways is prohibited to all persons listed in paragraph 1.1.4. Use of listening devices impairs recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements, approaching vehicles, human speech, and outside noise in general."

It's pretty straight forward, and it is an Air Force instruction that members must comply with. Our goal is to keep all of our airmen and civilians as safe as possible when on our beautiful Southern California installation. We hope you also take these good practices with you off base to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of your loved ones.

Spring is just around the corner, so start exercising safety by exercising safely now! If you have any questions, comments, concerns please contact the 452d Air Mobility Wing Safety Office.