MARCH MINUTES: Behind the scenes of American Forces Network

  • Published
  • By Petty Officer 2nd Class Carlos Gomez
  • Defense Media Activity-Riverside
Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Carlos Gomez is a television control operator for Defense Media Activity-Riverside, which is located on former March Air Force Base property.  He works from 1:30 p.m. to midnight and is orginally from Paterson, N.J.  (The day he tracked was Monday, Oct. 31.)

0837 Up and at 'em. As always, I start the day with a 5-mile run through Old Town Temecula.

1026 Breakfast. Coffee, hard-boiled egg, whole-wheat toast and peanut butter (the crunchy kind, of course).

1236 I leave for work, but first, I have to pick up the rideshare van and the rest of the carpool gang. The ride to work is usually filled with color commentary on current events.

1325 We arrive at DMA Riverside. After a quick briefing, I get into my uniform and ... more coffee!

1336 I get into the Direct to Home control room and check the passdown log. All conditions normal. We're off to a good start. Did I just jinx myself?

1844 Gym time! I'll work on my upper body today. My legs could use a break. Long story short, I was a dancing fool this weekend.

2032 Dinner time. I brought some leftover pasta from last night. I immediately realize I didn't bring enough. This will be resolved later.

2112 Television playlists for the Japan/Korea stations are complete. Can somebody please tell me why "The Jersey Shore" is so popular?

2215 I've finished checking all the locally produced, unaired American Forces Network spots from the Pacific region. I know people who would kill for this insider information.

2249 I realize I'm still hungry.

2313 I give all playlists one final check before going home. All the military families stationed in Japan and Korea aren't going to believe who just got eliminated from "So You Think You Can Dance?"

2338 I begin the drive back home to Temecula. I pass by an In-N-Out off the I-15. Suddenly, I believe in destiny.

0009 I drop off my fellow vanpoolers and begin to anticipate the Double Double - Animal style - with extra spread.

0019 Mad dash to get food.

0047 I'm enjoying my late-night dinner while watching a movie. "Goodfellas" again. "I'm funny how? Funny like a clown? I amuse you?"

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