CHAPLAIN'S CORNER: It's the little things

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Maj.) Bob Meissner
  • 452 Air Mobility Wing chaplain's office
Ever notice how the many little things in our lives can take up so much of our time?  They can build up to an overwhelming number, draining us physically, emotionally and mentally.  Because they're little, we find it easy to put them off.  They seem so minor, but then they multiply and, together, seem like an enormous mountain.  We find them everywhere: in our jobs, around the house, in our relationships.

If we aren't careful, these small routine activities can become ruts that rob us of our joy and fulfillment.

How many of us have felt stressed out because we have so many things going on?  Yet when we give one task the necessary attention and finish it, it brings a sense of accomplishment and relief and we can move on to the next one.

I think the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes had this in mind when he wrote, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."

Taking care of the details can help build our relationships: helping out with the kids, writing a note to a friend or significant other, listening to someone who needs to share their heart.  These things may seem inconsequential, but done well they can enhance our relationship with others.

Change your perspective this week.  Do the small things well. F.B. Meyer wrote, "Do not try to do a great thing; you may waste all your time waiting for the opportunity which may never come.  But since little things are always claiming your attention, do them..." Maybe no one will see what you do with all these little tasks; at work, at home, in your relationships.  But over time one can't help but see the effects.

When you think of a desert, you may have images of a dry, lifeless landscape of heat and sand.  But add something very small.  The letter "s." Now what do you have?  Dessert. What will it be?  Make it your favorite: cake, pie, ice cream, or perhaps some of everything.

Such little things can make such a difference!

Details that are left undone can spiral out of control.  The little things will always be demanding your attention, so do them now and do them well.