Sporting a 'tude

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Doug Johnson
  • 452 AMW Chaplain
Remember the old Minolta camera commercial? Andre Agassi is aggressively pounding the ball across the tennis court to his opponent. In the final segment of the commercial, he trades his racquet for a camera and as he snaps away he remarks, "Attitude is everything!"

Attitude is a key ingredient to becoming a resilient person. A pilot relies on an attitude indicator to inform him of the orientation of the aircraft relative to the earth. It's important to "check your attitude" before landing to avoid making contact with the ground at a wrong angle and possibly causing a crash.

In life, attitude refers to your disposition or feelings toward other people or circumstances. Attitude can determine how you face difficulties and challenges in life. Resilient people have discovered that it's not so much what happens to you as what happens in you. How do you perceive the challenging experiences of life?

The resilient person is able to see the good even in the most difficult situations. To the person with a positive attitude, even the negative experiences of life are opportunities to grow. John Maxwell put it this way - "Your attitude determines your altitude." With the right attitude you can soar through life!