Resilience relates to mastery

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Ken Walden
  • 452 AMW
Hello March Air Reserve Base Community,

I pray you are doing well. Thanks to all of you who wear a military uniform and those of you who support the men and women who do.

Did you know that in 1862 the Pacific Railroad Act was authorized by President Abraham Lincoln for the building of a transcontinental rail line? Several companies, along with countless people, have contributed to make the dream of transportation by train a reality in our country. They attained a mastery of the train industry's complex system.

We are blessed that generations of people such as you, contribute to our nation's wellbeing by offering your time and talents. I am proud that our military community continues to meet the high standards to protect, defend and serve our country's interests within domestic and foreign territories. Our future looks very bright!

One of the reasons our future looks bright is because Airmen like you have obtained mastery. Webster's dictionary defines mastery as a display of great skill or technique. All of you have demonstrated mastery in your job and it is much needed and greatly appreciated.

The achievement of mastery in any field does not occur by accident or coincidence. It happens with great dedication and intentionality. May you continue to maintain mastery in your chosen field at March Air Reserve Base. Trust me, it will be one of the best investments you will make in your lifetime. Similar to the historical impact of the train system in 1862, immeasurable people will benefit from your efforts and hard work, because of your unselfish will to serve others and your country.

Integrity First, Service before Self, Excellence in all We Do!

Grace and Peace,
Chaplain Ken Walden