A social network for fitness

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Kris Kraiger
  • March FITT
Overheard at the base gym between two aerobics participants, "Word has it that there's a running club forming on base and it's going to create an uber-race of ultra-runner, Fit-to-Fight-maximizing, super-athletes!"

"Oh yeah, well I heard they're going to make everyone do P90X and replace all the soft drinks in the vending machines with Muscle Milk!"

Okay, so this may be a bit of an exaggeration to get your attention, but the truth is that a fitness group IS forming on base, it is NOT a running club, and anyone (military or civilian) can be a part of it.

The name of the group is March FITT, which stands for Fitness and Inspiration Through Teamwork. Think of it as a social network for fitness, with a website that gives you information and links to fitness related events and articles, as well as a way to link up with other March members who share similar interests.

March FITT is for anyone who wants a little help and motivation to gain or maintain their fitness. We'll have periodic educational seminars on base, group workouts and the opportunity to join others from March at local races, and even represent Team March at the next Air Force Marathon. March FITT will not be involved with team sports, but will work closely with the Fitness Center and the 452nd Force Support Squadron to raise awareness of events and promote a healthy, fit lifestyle.

We are planning to officially launch March FITT during the A and B UTAs in January 2011. By that time, we will hopefully have a website in place for you to register as a member of the group.

Are you interested in being more than just a member of March FITT? Would you like to help set the direction for this new organization? We are currently looking for applicants for the following volunteer positions on the executive council:

· Marketing/Communications: Works collaboratively with the base and local community to promote March FITT activities through various media outlets. Identifies, develops and evaluates marketing strategy. Consults with logo design development and any active wear or marketing pieces.

· Technology: Responsible for the creation of the website design and its associated content. Provides updates to the web-based content of the organization's website, such as race calendars, newsletters and distribution lists, as well as links to other social media sites.

· Operations: Directly responsible for coordinating transportation and personnel rosters for races both on base and off. Coordinates with the chair and vice chair on any necessary resources needed for other events.

· Professionals: For those of you who have certified instructor licenses or other certifications in any sport, fitness or health profession and would like to teach or instruct, we would love to hear from you too! We will be creating a roster of resources to integrate in to our program and suspect many of you out there could be a great help!

If you are interested in one of these positions and being a part of an exciting and dynamic group of fitness-minded people, then send a resume or a list of your professional credentials to me and Capt. Linda Baltes. One of us will contact you for an interview time and location. Interviews will primarily take place during the November A and B UTAs.