An influx of inspections

  • Published
  • By Col. Karl McGregor
  • Commander, 452 AMW
Under normal circumstances, wings concentrate on either Readiness Inspection or Compliance Inspection preparation. We at the 452nd Air Mobility Wing have the rare opportunity to experience both cycles in very close proximity, with a Nuclear Operational Inspection testing our operational capability to launch in a nuclear scenario and the compliance inspections (LCAP, UCI, HSI) checking to ensure we are following laws, regulations and instructions.

There's also an aircrew inspection, Aircrew Standardization and Evaluations Visit (ASEV) added to the mixture that checks job knowledge and program compliance.

Team March is a busy place this summer, but the effort and resources have been ramped up due to the importance of this inspection combination. It will be our grade for the next five years.

In March, the 452nd UCI coordination team requested to reprint in "The Beacon" an article about UCI preparation I originally wrote for "The Airstream," Youngstown Air Reserve Station's monthly magazine. Employing these strategies, Youngstown Airmen completed their UCI/LCAP in April 2010 with 89 out of 90 mission areas found "In Compliance."

Now that we are just two months away from the UCI, the information in "UCI: 20 things to know" is especially important to review. A wing's success in a UCI takes a team effort, with educated participation needed at every level from technician to commander.