HRDC from a new perspective

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Octavio Ortiz
  • 452 AMW
Everyone has heard of the HRDC. If not, it stands for the Human Resources Development Council. Along with ensuring that we are recruiting a force that represents our local communities, its charter includes ensuring that every Airman in the wing is afforded opportunities for growth, development and recognition.

Shortly after accepting his position as the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Norton Schwartz published the Air Force priorities. Among these priorities was the need to "develop and care for Airmen and their families."

So, when we look at the pro¬grams, processes and policies that apply to the HRDC or are driven by the HRDC, we begin to see the HRDC from a new perspective.

The Wing Quarterly Awards apply to the definition. The various base associations, such as the Wing Advisory Council, Rising Six, Top Three, First Sergeant's Council and Chiefs' Group are all part of the HRDC.

Quarterly awards boards are conducted at the group and squadron level - that's HRDC. Supervisors are conducting feedback sessions with their Airmen - HRDC. Squadrons are providing Airmen with opportunities to train and to gain experience by participating in special projects and deployments - HRDC. Finally, everyone is responsible for "never leaving an Airman behind" - HRDC.

What about the Yellow Ribbon Program which essentially involves our Airmen and their families? That's HRDC, too. We also count on our local community for support and material resources for events, such as the annual military picnic and family day - HRDC. And let us not forget the Military Ball and the Annual Awards Banquet - HRDC.

The NCO Leadership Development Course, professional military education such as ALS, NCOA, SNCOA and the Chief's Orientation Course - HRDC. The officer corps also has their professional military education related to self-development and professional growth.

So, if the notion or the acronym "HRDC" is new to you, please consider the fact you have already been involved in the HRDC by belonging to the most powerful Air and Space Force in history.