Big changes bring new comfort to lodging

  • Published
  • By First Segeants
  • 452 AMW
Good day fellow Airmen!
We "shirts" have some news for you! Did you know about the newly refurbished rooms at lodging? We first sergeants have been watching the new changes to billeting as they happen and are excited to see each one finished. 

For instance, the latest completed project was the transformation of buildings 2420 and 2421. Since the completion of this project, people have been enjoying the experience of plush surrounds equivalent to some four and five star hotels. 

While we are on the topic of luxury, please do not forget to visit the sundry store in billeting as it has a wonderful variety of items such as ice cream, beer, wine and March designer items, such as mugs, glasses, and robes, along with much more. Also, if you do not like what is on TV in your room, you can go to the lobby and check out the DVD rental service. 

The First Sergeants Council feels that we are blessed. We have some of the best men and women in our Reserve forces today. Our Airmen are constantly asked to do more and more, sometimes with less. The men and women of March Air Reserve continue to rally to the call to perform superiorly and they make us proud. Our base leader, Brig. Gen. Melin, obviously does his best to make sure we are taken care of. His actions remind each of us that he cares about our health, welfare and comfort. 

While the general has and is doing his part, we have and are doing ours by rallying to the call whenever that may be. The men and women of March Field have shown that on numerous occasions and will continue to through each of their careers. The 452 AMW First Sergeants Council salutes the men and women of March Field and the warriors in our lodging office. 

Very Respectfully, 

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