Cub Scouts thank military member for survival training

  • Published
  • By Maj Don Traud
  • 452 AMW/PA
Editor's Note: This letter was sent to the public affairs office to thank TSgt. Raul Quintero, 452nd OSS, who recently spoke to a group of Cub Scouts. 

To Whom it may Concern: 

My name is T.J. Wallace and I'm the executive committee chairman for Cub Scouts Pack 543 in Orange, Calif. Every year at one of our camp outs, we try to introduce the boys to some new aspect of outdoor living and camping. This year, we held our camp out at O'Neil State Park. I decided we would introduce the boys to some basic survival skills. 

Knowing nothing about this myself, I called a friend of mine Col. Douglas Erlenbusch who is the commander and Professor of Aerospace Studies at Loyola Marymount University. After all, who knows more about survival techniques than the military, in particular, the Air Force. 

Col. Erlenbusch was kind enough to contact your public affairs office, where we obtained the name of TSgt. Raul Quintero. I contacted him, told him what we were looking to do and he agreed to come out and show the boys some basic survival techniques. 

Because of prior commitments, he could only give us a few short hours. As soon as he showed up, all the kids gathered round him and from then on, he had the kids and their parents mesmerized. He covered things like: how to build a fire, different types of fires, things you can and can't eat, (including bugs) how to eat grass, how long you can go without food and water and what to do if you are lost. 

He held their attention very well while he demonstrated what he was talking about and was able to answer a barrage of questions that only kids would ask. 

He was kind enough to bring the kids some face paint, signal mirrors, fire starters and cups, used as prizes, which we rewarded the boys for answering questions about what TSgt. Quintero had taught them earlier that morning. Surprisingly, they remembered almost everything he showed them which is a testament to how well he held their attention ... amazing. 

In closing, I can't tell you how much we appreciated TSgt. Quintero coming out (with a broken arm no less) and speaking to the boys. 

It will be something I'm sure, they will never forget. The boys, at this age, are very impressionable and to have someone like him come out and leave such a positive imprint on our boys is something, we as parents, can't thank him enough for. Everyone involved was very impressed with him and his demeanor with the boys. 

Things could not have gone better. The information he related to the boys was done in a way they clearly understood and was information they may not have ever gotten from anyone else other than a professional like TSgt. Quintero. He should be commended for his efforts. 

Thank you again. 

T.J. Wallace, CEO
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