Verne Orr’s wife expresses gratitude

  All in attendance at the December 7 memorial service for my husband Secretary Verne Orr have remarked about it being the best life tribute service they've ever witnessed. 

While the program included dear family and close friends who contributed with deeply
meaningful tributes, the presence and contributing roles of the Air Force team brought the program together. 

The final tribute with the color guard, the pallbearers' expert handling of Secretary Orr's casket and their folding of the United States flag, the playing of taps, the 21-gun salute, the B-2 flyover, along with the presentation of the perfectly folded flag to me will be a memory that will live with me and our family members through our lifetimes. It was all so very special. I know Verne's spirit was soaring along with the B-2, projecting the love and pride he had for the Air Force he was honored to serve. 

On behalf of all our family members, please extend our deepest appreciation to all the team members involved for their priceless and timeless gift to us. 

With best regards and warm wishes for a holiday season filled with blessings, Sarah.