Free child care available

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Ionne Joshua-Barnes
  • 452 AMXS/CCF
Hello fellow Airmen.  Welcome to the "Shirts' Corner" once again. We have been on a small hiatus and hope that you will forgive us for not posting our monthly writings to you. We're back and ready to bring you some current information. You work hard all week, take care of the children, your house and some even juggle schoolwork, too. 

Here it is again, it is time to go out to the base. Wow, how much time did you get to spend with your children this week? They want to go to the park; they want to spend time with you. You have to tell them that you are off from your job this weekend, but you cannot take them to the movies, or out to dinner on Saturday night because you have to go out of town to the base, it is your drill weekend. 

Well, this week, we would like to share information regarding child care. We shirts are concerned that some of you may be having issues in this area and want to provide you as much information as we possibly can to assist you. This service can allow you to drill, but be able to bring your children with you and spend that quality time with them in the evening and not be geographically separated, even for a weekend. 

We have a Family Child Care service provided by the USAF Services. Family Child Care provides you with alternative to center-based care. 

The contact persons for this are: Debra McCoy (AFR), or Senior Master Sgt. Ernie Pallares (ANG), for reservations. The agency slogan is: "From your home to ours, caring, loving, nurturing." Yes, fellow Airmen, they are offering free childcare for you on your UTA weekends. 

Well fellow Airmen, we shirts hope that we have been able to bring you some helpful information that can enrich the time you spend with both us, your military family and your biological families as both are extremely important to your first sergeant.