March Minutes: Following March ARB personnel in 130-character micro-messages

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Ricardo Alvarez
Cutting hair at March since 1964

Consolidated Barber Shop

McNary, Ariz.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

0703 Picking up breakfast and coffee at the Back Street Cafe.

0751 Sweeping the floor. Even though I swept it last night before I left, there is always more hair on the floor in the morning.

0800 My first haircut is a retired service member. The first customers are always retired.

0834 Had to tell my customer to be quiet so I could listen to an interesting TV program about the 9/11 suicide plane crashes.

0931 On TV is a show called "Seconds from Disaster."

1030 Finally had a chance to eat my breakfast.

1100 My helper arrived, and a good one at that. It is Deborah. We've been working together for about 20 years.

1228 Talking with a customer about his experiences in Afghanistan. He just got home.

1303 Our current customers are two Soldiers who are stationed in Germany. They're here for a school at March.

1312 This conversation with the Soldiers is very interesting.

1400 My two o' clock is late. He's got five more minutes before I take a stand by.

1404 Checked the parking lot, no sign of him.

1405 Five minutes late is my rule. Taking a stand by. I understand: stuff comes up a lot for the military folks.

1507 Feeding the fish. They're one of the biggest attractions here. The three big fish were gifts from Terry at the Club

1525 Need to remember to buy more hair spray and gel.

1552 It's been busy today. I didn't count, but this must be my 30th customer today!

1600 Closing for the night. Can't wait to take a shower to get all this itchy hair off me.