March Trains at Resolute Sentinel/Patriot Fury 23

  • Published
  • By Wendy Day
  • 452 AMW

LIMA, Peru — Resolute Sentinel/Patriot Fury 23, a joint military exercise hosted in Peru, brought together active-duty and reserve components from the United States, alongside host nation partners, to accomplish both combat training and civil-military operations. The exercise focused on enhancing force readiness, interoperability, and cooperation between the U.S. and its partner nations in response to humanitarian crises and regional security challenges.

Resolute Sentinel/Patriot Fury 23 combined the strengths of active-duty and reserve components, underlining the significance of joint training and collaboration in achieving shared objectives. This integrated approach, involving U.S. Air Force Reserve and Peruvian forces, emphasized the importance of working together to respond effectively to complex scenarios.

"Our mission here in Peru allowed our Airmen the ability to perform vital training missions in a unique location with the local populace. We were also able to gain the experiences needed to truly prove the concept of global reach and power as a pure reservist force," said Capt. Nicholas Meyer, reflecting on the value of their participation in the exercise.

The joint efforts during Resolute Sentinel/Patriot Fury 23 encompassed a diverse range of activities, including aerial refueling training conducted by the 452nd Air Mobility Wing (AMW) KC-135 team from the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC). Lt. Col. Joe Hyde of the 452nd AMW expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Peru and the other AFRC units, highlighting the relationships built during the exercise.

"Our 336th ARS crews' participation in Patriot Fury 23 has been valuable for a multitude of reasons. We have been able to integrate with a partner nation at the squadron level. It has given us the opportunity to develop experience operating in an austere environment outside of our normal realm of comfort. We have been able to identify and mitigate challenges we would face going forward if called upon to deploy to remote locations with a lower level of organic support," shared Lt. Mitchell Heires from the 336th ARS.

With a focus on combining combat training and civil-military operations, Resolute Sentinel/Patriot Fury 23 serves as a vital platform to enhance cooperation between the U.S. and its partner nations. The exercise reinforced their ability to respond effectively to humanitarian crises, strengthen regional security, and counteract malign influences.

As U.S. and Peruvian forces concluded Resolute Sentinel/Patriot Fury 23, they expressed eagerness to build on the foundation of cooperation established during the exercise. The joint commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region further solidifies the importance of multinational exercises in strengthening international partnerships and achieving common goals.