Air Force MTI Reserve Program: Balancing Military Service and Family Life

  • Published
  • By Wendy Day
  • 452nd Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

MARCH AIR RESERVE BASE, CALIF. – The U.S. Air Force Reserve takes pride in highlighting the Air Force Reserve Military Training Instructor (MTI) program, a cornerstone in shaping the future of the United States Air Force. Master Sgt. Mikesha Jones, a seasoned MTI from the 433rd Training Squadron at Joint Base San Antonio, recently embarked on a visit to March Air Reserve Base in California.

During her visit, Jones had the opportunity to engage with various base organizations, including the Rising Six, Top Three, and Chiefs' Group. She also made it a point to connect with units stationed at the base and spent valuable time with the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) recruits, a group of individuals who have enlisted in the Air Force but have not yet shipped to basic training.

As a single mother and a dedicated MTI, Jones underscores the importance of the Air Force's commitment to enhancing work-life balance for its members. "Balancing the responsibilities of a single mother with the demands of an MTI recruiter is a challenge, but I am thankful for the policies the Air Force Reserve has implemented to help maintain that equilibrium between my military service and family life," said Jones.

Highlighting the rewarding nature of her role, Jones added, "Being an MTI is incredibly rewarding. You get to help and witness the growth of individuals throughout their basic military training. At each graduation, you see the culmination of your efforts, as each Airman stands tall, ready to contribute to the Air Force mission."

One of the distinctive aspects of serving as a Reserve MTI is the flexibility it offers. Reserve MTIs typically conduct quarterly drills, providing a more adaptable schedule compared to their active-duty counterparts. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for those with family commitments and other responsibilities.

During her visit to March Air Reserve Base, MSgt Mikesha Jones further exemplified the dedication and passion that drive the Air Force Reserve MTI program. Her engagement with various base organizations and her time spent with Delayed Entry Program recruits showcase the commitment of MTI Recruiters in shaping the future of the Air Force. Their dedication, coupled with the support and flexibility offered by the Reserve, make this program an attractive choice for those with a passion for helping others and a desire for a fulfilling and rewarding military career.

For those interested in joining the Air Force Reserve MTI program, specific qualifications must be met:

• Staff Sergeant (SSgt) with at least two years time-in-grade, Technical Sergeant (TSgt) with at least four years from high year tenure.
• Completion of the 7-level training.
• 42 months of retainability as of the Required Notification Date (RNLTD).
• Minimum physical profile of 121221.
• Exceptional military image.
• Outstanding records, with overall ratings of 4 or exceeding most, if not all, expectations on the last three Enlisted Performance Reports.
• No disciplinary actions or financial irresponsibility in the Air Force career.
• Current Physical Training composite score of 75 or better in the past 12 months, with no PT failures.
• Benefits of joining the program include monthly special duty pay, an annual supplementary clothing allowance, outstanding awards programs, eligibility for the Air Education and Training Command Master Instructor Badge, and the opportunity to earn 12 credits towards a Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) degree in Education and Training Management.

For more information on joining the Air Force Reserve and becoming an MTI , contact the 433rd Training Squadron MTI Team today. Join the ranks of dedicated professionals like MSgt Jones, who are shaping the future of the Air Force through their commitment to excellence and mentorship.

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