Shadowy figure blocks exit to room in March Field building

  • Published
  • By Linda Welz
  • 452 AMW public affairs
(Third in a four-part series of things that go bump in the night)

Ghost stories have been told for ages. With Halloween quickly approaching, there seems to be even more being shared during this time of year. March Air Reserve Base, California, is not immune to such stories. In fact, there may be more told here than many other military bases.

Why? Possibly because March Field, built in 1918, is one of the oldest military bases in the country and has a lot of history in its infrastructure and its missions. At the height of WWII, March Field supported approximately 75,000 troops. Some of the buildings used by those troops are still being used today.

That alone lends itself to ghost stories if for no other reason than old buildings can appear spooky, especially when one is working in an old building alone, after dark.

Tech. Sgt. Christina Huerta, 452nd Logistics Readiness Squadron, said she and her boss each experienced something neither can explain while working alone in a building on base.

"I was sitting at my computer and I saw something out of the corner of my eye walk down the hall. I searched the whole building and no one was there," she said. "A few weeks later my boss was working alone and said she heard a noise. She said she saw a man in a blue service uniform through a glass case but she turned around and he was gone. She was freaked out."

Some admit to having seen a person or shadow when no one else did. Others claim to have heard footsteps or voices in a room or on an airplane when they were the only ones there. Still others have had an uneasy feeling as if they were not alone. One person even claims to have been chased from a basement by an angry entity.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there is no disputing that there are many hoaxes out there aimed at scaring the masses.

Through paranormal investigations at March Field, investigators do everything possible to debunk things that are seen, heard or felt. What cannot be explained remains part of the mystery and intrigue of ghost hunting.

"Sometimes, through our investigations, we are lucky enough to capture an image or sound that we are unable to debunk," said Senior Airman Joe Mora, 452nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron and self-proclaimed ghost hunter. "In the picture where it looks like a shadowy figure is sitting in the chair, there is no explanation. There were no lights on in the building that would have caused a shadow. Prior to the photo being taken, one of the investigators, who was noticeably shaken after entering the room, reported a shadowy figure standing in front of her, blocking her way out," he said.

Could the shadow she saw be the same shadow seated in the chair? If not, then what's the explanation? Is there one?

Mora doesn't know. That is why he continues doing investigations, to educate, to understand and to share. Not to scare.

Activity captured during his paranormal investigations here and elsewhere can be found on his social media site. Search for Ghost Force Paranormal to like Mora's page and keep up with his investigations.

If you have ghost stories or paranormal experiences related to March Field that you will share, please email or call 951-655-4138 with your contact information.