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  • Stuck between a rock and a hard place

    We had digital and hard copy maps, detailed driving and hiking directions, two GPS devices, two compasses, four cell phones, three Camelbacks, walking sticks, two first aid kits, two handguns, sunscreen, lunch, snacks and a cooler full of extra drinks and ice. Despite all of our preparations, we

  • Remembering Memorial Day

    "Consider yourself dead. Some of you won't come back from this mission. Some of you will, but you'll be the lucky ones." That was an excerpt taken from a 15th Army Air Force briefing given to a squadron of B-17 aircrews before a bombing mission over Germany during World War II. The briefing officer

  • 101 Critical Days of Summer Safety -- It's personal

    It's that time of year again and summer is just around the corner! Have you already made your vacation and adventure plans for the summer, or are you a "spur of the moment" type of planner? Every year the Air Force Safety Center kicks off the 101 Critical Days of Summer Campaign which takes place

  • Why Wait for Mother's Day?

    Next Sunday is Mother's Day and it's about time! It almost goes without saying no one is more deserving of a special day than Mom.A popular cartoon illustration pastors like to use that captures the life of a mother shows a psychologist talking to his patient. "Let's see," he says, "You spend 50

  • March team member spends off-duty time as Big Brother

    Why do I volunteer as a Big Brother? Well, it is not the pay, it is not the fame and glory, and it is certainly not because I have a lot of free time on my hands; I do it because I care. I was blessed to have many brothers and sisters, so I truly know the real and sometimes under-appreciated value

  • Pretty much just marshmallows

    Back in the 1970's a team of psychologists from Stanford University conducted an experiment on a group of young children. Don't worry, it was nothing bad, in fact it was named the Marshmallow Test.The team would bring children, around four years old or so, one at a time into a room and sit them down

  • Free time with the kids

    Many years ago and early in his career the late Fred Rogers -- you know, Mister Rogers -- was trying to get his big break in children's television.His show was becoming popular locally but still struggling to find a national audience. One day a major network asked to meet with Rogers to discuss the

  • Being a military child prepared me for my future Air Force career

    I am the product of a military family on the go. My father, having served proudly in the U.S. Army, kept our family moving constantly, explaining that it was for our own good... yeah right! We moved from place to place so frequently that after a while, when asked where home was, we could only reply,

  • Crosswalk safety a shared responsibility

    Most have heard and understand the importance of not drinking and driving, but how about not drinking and walking?A surprising statistic from the Automobile Club of Southern California is that 35 percent of all fatal car-pedestrian collision cases in the United States between 1997 and 2007 involved

  • "What's In Your Hand?"

    Pastor and author Rick Warren tells a story using the movie classic, "The Ten Commandments," as his illustration. In the movie, there's a scene where God commands Moses (Charlton Heston) to tell Pharaoh of Egypt to release God's people from bondage. Unfortunately, Moses doesn't think he was up to