MARCH MINUTES: Keeping the records straight

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Faviola Venegas
  • 452nd Operational Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Faviola Venegas is an Air Force reservist and member of the 452nd Operational Support Squadron.  Here, she shares a day in her life as a flight records manager (the date she tracked was Aug. 18, 2011).  

0722 Chief Rae is already in her office. I greet her, fire up my computer and print the daily reports, which tell me what aviation actions I need to take on certain aircrew members.

0800 Staff Sgt. Bullock, Senior Airman Ringo and Airman First Class Mendez walk in. I forgot they are all doing annual tour. It's going to be a busy day.

0828 I'm staring at another 1206 (award nomination form).

0834  I'm looking at the thesaurus for another word for "actively." I can't find a good one. I'll just stick with "actively."

1003 Still working on the 1206, now I'm looking at "Tongue & Quill" for help. Almost done!

1045 A supervisor stops by to see me because he has several questions about TBA and his members' training. Training Business Area is a web database where members in specific career fields log and sign off their Air Force Specialty Code training.

1046  As a flight records member I am responsible for maintaining and updating approximately 400 flight record folders and supervise six Airmen.

1132 We agree to venture outside the box and have an office lunch at an Indian restaurant. Turns out to be delicious!

1353 I look at the 1206 one more time before I decide I'm happy with it. The 1206 is finally complete!

1411 I receive a phone call that a member at 336th who needs Oracle installed on their computer.

1437 I walk over to the 336th to install Oracle, which is a tool to query and analyze data.

1531 Done with installation, I walk back to the OSS. The day is almost over. I feel sleepy now. Coffee time! Afternoon coffee is a must to make it through the rest of the day.

1600 An aircrew member needs a Flying History Report emailed to him (a report that shows the total flying time on each aircraft throughout his entire career.

1635 We run our end of day closing procedures and lock the cabinets.

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