MARCH MINUTES: An Air Force reservist Sea Cadet leader

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Gordon "Tony" Cartland
  • 452nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
March Minutes is a regular feature in The Beacon newspaper where Team March members in various career fields share their day in 130-character lines. 

Tech. Sgt. Gordon "Tony" Cartland was in the Navy for eight years before joining the Air Force Reserve. When he is not at March Air Reserve Base or busy with his civilian job, he volunteers as the operations officer with his son's Sea Cadet unit that is based in North Phoenix, Ariz.  Here, he shares what he did on Saturday, June 18, 2011.

0531 Getting myself and son up for a day on Lake Pleasant in support of the Sea Cadets and Coast Guard Auxiliary's Lake Safety Event

0705 Arrived at the lake to see it packed with anxious boaters with craft of all shapes and sizes.

0725 Performed muster with the cadets to make sure we were all present and accounted for, similar to what I did the weekend before while I was drilling at March.

0732 Sea Cadet commander arrives with the unit sailboat, a fine vessel of 11 feet, but just the right size to train cadets.

0743 I was asked to tie a Bolen knot on the sailboat, but had to ask my son for help. My cadets were surprised and I said I was not that type of sailor.

0800 Met with the Coast Guard Auxiliary unit to coordinate how our cadets would be assisting.

0835 We made our way to the boat ramp to launch the sailboat and provide assistance to boaters.

0902 Divided the cadets in to separate details, one group would be sailing while the other would be performing assistance to boaters.

0903 Needless to say, I had the dock duty. I am what the Navy calls an "airedale" or "navair" type of sailor. We do the plane thing.

0925 Grand excitement ensued when a floating snack bar tied up to the dock we were supporting; the kids were in total excitement in anticipation of ice cream and sodas!!

0926 Then again, this was expected because even at this time of the day, it was already 90 degrees with no wind.

1007 While skipper was providing the boat training, I was teaching the cadets some basics of standing a security watch and interacting with the public.

1021 I had to advise everyone use of radios during training is not to be used for playing the Gummy Bear song on our channel!

1100 Secured the kids from watch. It was 101 degrees. It was all about hot dogs and sausages and cold drinks after that.

1300 Secured for the day, mission accomplished. We met the first rule of cadets: everyone was safe and we left with the same number of cadets we arrived with!

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