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  • Core Values -- what is important to you?

    About a year ago, I was reading a magazine article where the writer challenged the reader to write down the 10 most important values to him/her: your top 10 values-if you will. I considered this and I wrote down a list of values that are important to me. I was actually surprised at the number of values I hold important. I took the extensive list
  • Community in the ashes of 9/11

    On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, I was at an Army conference in Leesburg, Va., approximately 30 miles from the Pentagon. It was early, and I was trying not to fall asleep during our death by PowerPoint presentation. I couldn't wait until the next morning. I had a tour of the Pentagon scheduled, something I had always wanted to do but not had the
  • The Airman’s Creed: What it says, why we need it

    One month ago today, the Air Force unveiled the "Airman's Creed". In four short statements the creed recalls a heritage reaching back to the days of Billy Mitchell, defines who we are today and looks ahead to the force of the future. Until now, only the Air Force was without its own creed. So, what does it say, and why do we need a creed? I AM AN
  • Reveille and retreat; do you remember what to do?

    The reveille and retreat ceremonies are meant to signal the beginning and the end of the official duty day. These ceremonies are steeped in history, and are time for all to stop and show their respect. However, many fear the time of reveille and retreat, because They are not sure of the correct protocol. There is no need to run for cover, because
  • Month of the Military Child

    Most of us have a soft spot for children - especially young children. It is as though we intuitively know how defenseless they are and how vulnerable the can be. As a father of a three year old, I am especially aware of this and I take my responsibilities as a parent very seriously. My son makes me want to be a better human being because I "owe"