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  • Home Front program shows vets the 'starting point' for benefits

    Local military members and their spouses received important information regarding veteran health benefits during the March Behavioral Health Support Office's Home Front UTA program. Since May 2008, Home Front UTA has hosted experts from various community support agencies. Deborah Ross, behavioral health support coordinator for the 452nd Air
  • PASS veterans’ event a success

    January 30, the day of the PASS Veterans' Workshop in Beaumont, Calif., started well, with the honor guard calling me to tell me they were on their way. They ended up arriving before me. (God bless them, their dedication is outstanding!) When I arrived at the Beaumont Civic Center auditorium, Staff Sgt. Andrew Cook was helping some of the women who
  • Additional education makes a mobile, fulfilling career possible

    As a military spouse, I'm always thinking about my husband's next PCS or mobilization. With the military, you never know where you'll end up living or how long your spouse will be deployed, so you've got to be prepared for anything. Having a career that I enjoy is very important to me, as is having a career that will allow me to be mobile. Through
  • SHIRTS' CORNER: The traditional reservist - identy crisis and tradition

    It's that time of the month again. Like clockwork, the traditional reservists temporarily put civilian life on hold as they press their uniforms and shine their boots. For two days out of the month they are warriors for the greatest nation the world has ever known. Each of us dons our uniform and takes our place in formation as the sun peaks. Then
  • Three proverbs of charitable giving

    Charles Dickens once said, "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another." This past Christmas season, 26 March ARB families received a momentary lift from their unforeseen burdens, compliments of many charitable March members and support agencies. Operation Warm Heart is based upon the proverb, "If you have much, give of your
  • Curing the holiday blues

    Wintertime and holidays are supposed to be a time for having fun, spending time with family and friends and enjoying the season. We hear songs about this being the most wonderful time of the year. But for some, this is the worst and saddest time of the year. These 'blues' can be brought on by mental or physical health issues, including but not
  • Big changes bring new comfort to lodging

    Good day fellow Airmen! We "shirts" have some news for you! Did you know about the newly refurbished rooms at lodging? We first sergeants have been watching the new changes to billeting as they happen and are excited to see each one finished. For instance, the latest completed project was the transformation of buildings 2420 and 2421. Since the
  • Space heaters a focus during Fire Prevention Week

    Fire Prevention Week will be Oct. 4-10 this year. The primary objective of Fire Prevention Week is to educate personnel to eliminate or minimize loss of life and property by fire. Winter is approaching, and the high cost of home heating fuels and utilities have caused many Americans to search for alternate sources of home heating. The use of wood
  • Rideshare week to begin Oct. 5

    California Rideshare Week will be held October 5-9 and Paul Pitman, Air Program Manager and March ARB Rideshare coordinator, has been hard at work getting Team March ready to participate. Rideshare is an annual event that encourages Californians to commute to work in an eco-friendly manner at least one time during the week. Participants are invited
  • A different breed of person

    I distinctly remember the face on the poster. There was a column of four faces on the right side and his was the second from the bottom. It was a POW/MIA remembrance poster and it was hanging in my high school cafeteria. The face was that of a Vietnam-era young man with blond hair and stubble on his face. He was wearing his undershirt without his