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  • Summer time for reflection

    Hello Team March.We hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day for the month of May and we also wish everyone a Happy Father's Day for the month of June.We recognize family is important, so remember to be thankful and supportive of your civilian family and your military family.Can you believe that summer is quickly approaching? We are fully aware the
  • Fitness just another job requirement?

    As much as I love being an Air Force reservist, there are a few things I'm required to do that, quite frankly, I just don't like.For example, I absolutely despise wearing blues with every fiber of my being. I've loathed them since the first time I was forced to wear them at basic training. Long sleeve, short sleeve or service dress, the combination
  • A Memorial Day observance from the seat of a bicycle

    As 2nd Lt. Anderson cruises through Riverside on his rusty bike, he finds the spirit of Memorial Day alive in backyard gatherings and barbecues.To say the bicycle was in "bad shape" would be a bit of an understatement.It would be more accurate to say the bicycle was in such a state of disrepair I was hesitant about even taking it out for a ride.
  • Social Revolution

    - Matt is starting a drive from Michigan to Texas.- Susan just found a kidney-shaped hailstone.- Greg is getting ready to go to a baseball game.- David just moved into his new apartment and is looking for furniture. Four of my friends, living in four different states, and yet I know exactly what each of them is doing, right up to the minute.Behold
  • March Spouse Tree creates community during deployment

    Military spouses know the true meaning of hard work. It is not easy maintaining a household when the other half is gone for training or a deployment, let alone dealing with the absence of that someone special. When the spouse is located across the country, state or county rather than on base, it creates a challenge all of its own: Reserve spouse
  • Greening our base

    The small steps we take as individuals to help preserve the environment are the same steps we can take here at work to make March Air Reserve Base a greener and better place. With the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day being celebrated next week, now is a good time to review some of these steps, such as turning off the lights when you're not
  • HRDC from a new perspective

    Everyone has heard of the HRDC. If not, it stands for the Human Resources Development Council. Along with ensuring that we are recruiting a force that represents our local communities, its charter includes ensuring that every Airman in the wing is afforded opportunities for growth, development and recognition. Shortly after accepting his position
  • Memories through reading

    As a former bookstore manager and mother of two avid readers, Master Sgt. Welz knows the importance of reading to kidsIn this day and age of advancing technology and multi-tasking, reading to children has been pushed to the end of our "to do" lists. But childhood is brief and reading is important. I say it's time to reprioritize. Each year, on
  • Ten dollars for the price of one

    If someone walked up to you right now and told you they would give you ten dollars for every one dollar in your wallet, would you take it? Of course you would! And you'd probably spend the next week telling everyone you know about how much you made off the deal. Are you ready for a surprise? You have already been offered this deal. All reservists,
  • The most dreaded task

    I love my job. I really do. I actually look forward to coming into work each day. My co-workers are great and my boss is fantastic. But there is one thing I hate-- and I mean hate--and that is preparing the weekly 'Candid Comments' section for the back of the newspaper.To be more specific, I dread the rejection that seems to be an inherent part of