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  • It's crunch time for impending inspections

    This is it--crunch time for the Unit Compliance Inspection, Logistics Compliance Assessment Program and Health Services Inspection. As you read this, we are one Unit Training Assembly weekend away from the most significant inspections a base can receive.UCIs are conducted to assess areas mandated by law and mission areas identified by senior Air
  • The resilience formula for overcoming adversity

    Are you a RESILIENT person?I like to read about people who have overcome great adversity...people dealing with physical challenges, poverty, social barriers, etc. They encourage me to succeed.These people have developed an ability to change a negative situation into an opportunity to learn, to grow and to succeed. How do they do this? What inspires
  • On your face!

    ON YOUR FACE, ANDERSON!!!"The order seemed to follow my every move during the spring of 2006. I was in the midst of basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, and at the age of 26, I was finding it much more difficult than I had anticipated to adapt to the rigors of military life. Being ordered "on my face" to perform endless sets
  • Positive attitudes are contagious

    A good friend of mine wrote the following article about projecting a positive attitude. I hope it has as much impact on you as it has on me."Every morning between 0615 and 0630, I would hear someone whistling as they walked past my office building. I couldn't see who it was because it was too dark. I'm not sure what tune he whistled (it might be
  • Defining UCI success

    A compliance inspection begins and ends with the attitude of the wing. We want the  inspection team to help make our good programs excellent and to tell us if we're not following instructions correctly. Conversely, we want to show them our excellent programs and have them proliferate them throughout the command.Our attitude must reflect our value,
  • More than just a camp

    Just outside the small town of Dahlonega, Ga., there is a 4-H center dedicated to helping those in need. From June 13-18, this 4-H center was used to teach lessons in leadership to 125 military teens.The Air Force Reserve/Air National Guard Teen Leadership Summit is open to all 14-18 year-old dependants of current Air Force Reserve or Air National
  • Have you done your spiritual sit ups today?

    We all know keeping our body, mind and spirit healthy is important, and especially when facing difficult times and new challenges. The body, mind and spirit are all connected to each other and each part affects the others. For example, our thoughts and beliefs have a great impact on how we treat our body. Would you agree with me that total wellness
  • In Airman Snuffy's shoes

    Every summer, I sit through a mandatory safety briefing on the "101 Critical Days of Summer." I listen to facts and figures galore, as well as stories featuring some Airman somewhere who didn't use proper operational risk management during a recreational activity, and wound up having some sort of safety mishap. Then, like many of us, I promptly go
  • An influx of inspections

    Under normal circumstances, wings concentrate on either Readiness Inspection or Compliance Inspection preparation. We at the 452nd Air Mobility Wing have the rare opportunity to experience both cycles in very close proximity, with a Nuclear Operational Inspection testing our operational capability to launch in a nuclear scenario and the compliance
  • Elementarily speaking, military members are heroes

    As a lowly 2nd lieutenant, I don't receive many speaking invitations.And by not many, I mean none.The fact is, most folks would rather hear the introspective thoughts of a colonel, a general or a senior non-commissioned officer as opposed to the incoherent ramblings of a butter bar. I completely understand that sentiment. Heck, I really wouldn't