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  • A wish for the holidays

    As a kid, the holidays were special to me. The combination of school-free days, presents, sports on TV and visiting family made for memorable times. As a young Airman, fresh from tech school, I remember coming home at the age of 19 and buying presents for my three younger brothers and younger sister for the first time with my own money.The
  • The resilient wingman

    While waiting for takeoff on an airplane recently, I watched the flight attendant go through one of those familiar pre-flight safety speeches. One part of that common presentation struck me--"In the event of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop from panels above you. You should put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others."For anyone
  • A palm tree Christmas

    It's just a week after Thanksgiving, but already the holiday spirit is thick in the air. As a person who grew up in Savannah but has lived largely in snowy northern states such as Massachusetts and Ohio for the past seven years, it is a little strange for me to cruise past palm trees, listening to Christmas music on the radio at this time of the
  • Holiday season with your military family

    As we rapidly approach Holiday Season 2010, I reflect back a number of years to the holiday seasons when I was single and I would volunteer to fly the missions that would invariably put me on the road over Thanksgiving or Christmas. My intent was to allow my fellow pilots who had families the opportunity to spend those moments at home.Being honest,
  • Military balls keep Airmen connected with heritage

    From the time of George Washington, the military ball has been an integral part of what it means to be a member of the military family. It is an opportunity for servicemembers to connect with their military heritage and to network across organizations as well as rank structure. The mess dress and formal wear, rituals and toasting speak to our more
  • "Re-bluing" your headgear

    There comes a time in every career when we either have a lack of knowledge about the proper wear of the uniform or requirements change causing us to need a little reminding (or Re-Bluing).Let's look at this in perspective; there are 365 days in a year, and the majority of us put on the uniform just two days a month on the UTA weekend. That equals
  • The association between resilience and coherence

    Hello March Air Reserve Base Community.The residents of North America have been celebratingĀ Thanksgiving since the early 1600s. Century after century, the residents continue to celebrate. We have much to celebrate! Do you know people who complain more than celebrate? Do you know people who focus too much on shortcomings rather than acknowledging
  • The polls are open!

    I can hardly get the words out. Every Election Day morning, I must step outside my precinct at 7 a.m. sharp and shout, "The polls are open!" It chokes me up every time.Maybe it's my upbringing; watching my parents and grandparents stand as Old Glory passed by at parades. It could be the more than 20 years I've served in the military, or, it's just
  • Performance feedback is your fix for "I didn't know"

    Does your supervisor ever take the time to tell you if you are doing a good job?Does he or she stop to help you identify areas in your performance where you may need help and guide you through a plan to become proficient in those areas?As our lives get busier and we are asked to do more with less, it is critical for better job performance that
  • Resilience relates to mastery

    Hello March Air Reserve Base Community,I pray you are doing well. Thanks to all of you who wear a military uniform and those of you who support the men and women who do.Did you know that in 1862 the Pacific Railroad Act was authorized by President Abraham Lincoln for the building of a transcontinental rail line? Several companies, along with