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  • Taming the TDY beast of single parenting

    Greetings my fellow service members. I have just come from the belly of the beast and I would like to share my experience with everyone. You may be wondering what 'beast' I'm referring to. It is an experience that many of you have probably had-- one that many have successfully survived with much

  • Got PI?

    I like pie. Who doesn't like pie?  I like all types of pie - home-made apple, fresh key lime, made-from scratch chocolate, and yes, even store-bought banana cream. I also like PI.  Not the 3.1472xxxxx kind of mathematical pi, but PI.  P I: Positive Initiative. In today's fiscally-constrained,

  • Look past 1947 for Air Force roots

    The Air Force officially turns 67 this month, but my Uncle Gino thinks it's older.He's 90 and the lone surviving brother of my father. Both of them served in World War II, as did two of their siblings. My father was in the Navy, as was his eldest brother, Europeo (his real name, I swear). Gino and

  • Reveille: Continuing a proud military tradition

    Reveille is a French word that literally means "wake up" and is traditionally played at sunrise on military installations. Here at March ARB, the 452nd Security Forces Squadron raises the national flag during reveille at 7:30 a.m. each day.The practice of reveille can be traced back to the French

  • Healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle include reading labels

    In these modern times, some people have turned to convenience and temporary gratification as solutions to most of their everyday problems, including food. Is it any wonder then why the health and fitness industry is flooded with quick and easy fad diets? These are the same diets that promise fast

  • March Air Reserve Base: A Glimpse into a Fiscally Responsible Future

    With the gloom of negotiations in Washington, D.C. over budget and fiscal policy issues, our nation could sure use a shining example of how to conduct government business in a fiscally responsible way. Such an example exists right here in the Inland Empire at March Air Reserve Base (ARB),

  • Three little words: Overworked and underpaid

    (This is part of a series of commentaries with the theme 'Three little words.')Have you ever heard anyone say they are overworked and underpaid? Do you sometimes feel that way? I do, but then I always fall back on, "Thank God I have a job!"In this day and age, many of us are feeling like we just

  • Three little words: Service Before Self

    (This is part of a series of commentaries with the theme 'Three little words.')This Veteran's Day I had the opportunity to see first-hand, and live, one of the U. S. Air Force's core values; Service Before Self. I had the privilege to take my 86-year-old step-father, and WWII veteran, Bill, out for

  • Three little words: How are you?

    (This is part of a series of commentaries with the theme 'Three little words.')As I entered the base Saturday morning for my Unit Training Assembly, the polite security forces Airman on duty said, "How are you?" As he checked my ID card, I replied, "I'm doing well, thank you. How are you?" Before I

  • Spring offers life and hope

    The blooms of Spring have finally made their grand appearance, so why not take a moment to go outside, enjoy the vibrant sights and breathe the sweet fragrances in the air. Each season has its own special meaning and spring reminds me of two: life and hope.A few weeks earlier, two major religious